A Taste of Rome Food Tour and Wine Tasting

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A Taste of Rome Food Tour and Wine Tasting
A Taste of Rome Food Tour and Wine Tasting
A Taste of Rome Food Tour and Wine Tasting
A Taste of Rome Food Tour and Wine Tasting
A Taste of Rome Food Tour and Wine Tasting
A Taste of Rome Food Tour and Wine Tasting
A Taste of Rome Food Tour and Wine Tasting
A Taste of Rome Food Tour and Wine Tasting
A Taste of Rome Food Tour and Wine Tasting
A Taste of Rome Food Tour and Wine Tasting

A Taste of Rome Food Tour and Wine Tasting

Looking for one of the best things to do in Rome? Our expert guide will take you on a 4-hour Rome food tour in the heart of the historic center – from Campo de’ Fiori towards Trastevere - to taste the best, local Italian cuisine. We’ll stop at local eateries that produce only the highest quality, traditional foods and an excellent selection of Italian wines, before heading to a cozy Roman trattoria for a locally-sourced and mouth-watering supper. An essential part of your Rome itinerary. So come hungry!
  • Traditional Italian aperitivo
    Our Rome food tour begins in one of the most vibrant and dynamic squares in Rome- Campo de’ Fiori. Among bustling cafés and street musicians you meet your guide just in time for a traditional Italian aperitivo - where you will be introduced to a wonderful selection of artisanal cured meats (so superior that they are PGI protected) accompanied by the finest Italian wines.
  • Cheese
  • Baccalà fritto (lightly fried fish)
  • Pizza
  • Supplì
  • Supper in Trastevere
  • Ice Cream
Our Rome food tour begins in one of the most vibrant and dynamic squares in Rome-  Campo de’ Fiori
Traditional Italian aperitivo
  • Must try food in Rome Italy?

    Between the trinity of pasta to ‘cucina povera’ and offal (‘quinto quarto’) plates, there are many must try-foods in Rome. This also applies to vino. Some typical Roman dishes and recipes are coda alla vaccinara (oxtail stew), baccala (salted cod fish), saltimbocca (veal, prosciutto, and sage), porchetta (a savory pork roast), suppli (the Roman equivalent of the Sicilian arancini, known by Italian Americans as a rice ball)…the list of delicious food in Rome goes on and on. But this is Italy, so the availability of the ingredients, food, and dishes all really depend on the season.
  • What food is Rome Italy known for?

    The three most popular pasta dishes in Rome are without a doubt: cacio e pepe, carbonara, and l’amatriciana. The most famous vegetable dish in which there are two types are: Carciofi alla Romana (steamed Roman-style artichoke) and Carciofi alla Giudia (the fried Jewish-style version) are both equally delicious. Other vegetables you must try are cicoria (chicory) and puntarella. And for dessert – gelato or tiramisu. As for wine, Cesanese for red and Pecorino for white is the most common that can be found in the Lazio wine region of Rome. Other wines you may see on the menu include Merlot and Syrah. Much of the house wine comes from Frascati, the Castelli Romani town nearby Rome, which is the most famous wine region of Lazio.
  • Is food expensive in Rome Italy?

    Generally speaking food is not very expensive in Rome, especially compared to other major cities in Italy and Europe. While Rome does have some great high-end and fine dining options, you can find really great food at a very reasonable price at the less formal restaurants such as a trattoria, osteria and even enotecas. But keep in mind that not every establishment in Rome is authentic even if it looks it. Like all international cities drawing in visitors from around the world, beware of tourist traps which usually means overpriced, mediocre food.
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Highlite of trip to italy
This was our favorite tour. It may have been our thoroughly enjoyable guide or the great group of people who just happen to be on our tour. What fun we had going from eatery to eatery sampling a different course of food at each, and at each we had yet another glass of wine. Did we say "sample"? We were so full by the end of the tour, there were no complaints among us. During the course of the evening, our group realized how much we were enjoying the company. When our guide bid us goodbye, one of our group suggested we continue the evening together and off we went to yet another restaurant for at least another round of drinks. That night was one of the most memorable of our 24 nights in Italy.
Robert Fullem - 27/06/2022 02:47
A very filling tour of Rome
Kilian - 08/05/2022 21:58
Ein tolles Erlebnis, um kulinarische Geheimtipps in illustrer Runde kennenzulernen. Kurzweilig, lecker und absolut zu empfehlen!
Sylvia - 23/11/2019 21:12
Bra och trevlig rundvandring!
Anders - 22/11/2019 14:46
This tour was a nice way to see a particular part of Rome. Our guide was great fun which helped us to gel as a group. The tasters were of good quality and variety and the wine was very nice too. The only thing I was disappointed with was the fact that in one place we were served our wine in a glass tumbler and in another place it was served in a plastic cup! That was a shame because I felt it cheapened the experience. However, we had a really good time with some lovely people from other countries.
Natalie - 08/11/2019 01:14
Katya our guide for the evening was wonderful. Such a wonderful experience and way to see a different side of Rome
Carol - 17/10/2019 20:32
Such a Great group of people, great food, great guide,.
Sue - 17/10/2019 08:28
Was eigenlijk niet zo duidelijk wat ervan te verwachten. Uiteindelijk was het een groep van 19 personen. We hebben in het begin tweemaal vrijwel hetzelfde stukje gelopen. Daar zou ik nog eens naar kijken. De gids was erg vriendelijk en gaf veel uitleg. De wijn op alle plekken wordt gul geschonken. Je kwam niets tekort. Op het einde zijn ook 4 gerechten genuttigd bij hetzelfde restaurant. Daar zou misschien ook nog een andere verdeling in gemaakt kunnen worden. De gerechten waren goed en je komt op een paar plaatsen waar je anders niet zo vlug naar binnen zou stappen. Eigenlijk vindt ik dit wel een aanrader om een stedentrip mee te beginnen. Wel ben je erg afhankelijk van de gids om hier een positieve ervaring van te maken zoals gelukkig in deze situatie het geval was.
Max - 14/10/2019 08:58
Fantastic selection of wine paired with local restaurants speciality. Had a great tour guide Adrian who is a great person. Easy to understand and knowledgeable. Five stars.
Anthony - 11/10/2019 10:14
Fabulous tour.Our guide was amazing knowledgeable and fun! We discovered new places and food we would not have on our own! Met so many fabulous people! Great time! A must!!!
Cindy - 09/10/2019 17:45
The tour has a very fun light atmosphere , the guide was light hearted , it was very fun with alot of food, worth the money
Maha - 03/10/2019 01:19
Kulinarisch sehr zu emppfehlen
Oliver - 02/10/2019 03:10
kurzweilige kulinarische Führung durch Rom, etwas schnelles Tempo, für Ältere nicht unbedingt geeignet. Salami/Schinken/Käseverkostung, Stockfisch, 2 x Pasta, 4 x Wein, Eis
Christian - 01/10/2019 19:43
Adrian our guide was sensational. A must do tour. A fantastic night. Thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommend. Adrian was a terrific fellow that kept the night interesting and especially a lot of fun. We met many people from all nationalities who bonded and enjoyed each other’s company. A MUST DO Tour.
Philip - 01/10/2019 15:18
Toppen! En fartfylld kväll med bra guide-Adrian, många stopp med god mat. Rekommenderar detta
Karin - 01/10/2019 10:26
Great food, wine and guide! Perfect for a solo traveller
Eve - 01/10/2019 06:45
Fun, good food, good wine
Benedicte - 29/09/2019 04:18
This the second time we took the tour. We liked the changes made and the guide was very good.
Lisa - 22/09/2019 23:15
Vi var 6 stycken som häromdagen var i Rom och gick den 4 timmar långa mat och vinturen. Allt var väldigt gott. Det bjöds på mycket mat och vin. Hade dock önskat lite mer info om maten och drycken. Vi är ändå nöjda med turen.
Susanne - 22/09/2019 22:28
Trevlig kvällsaktiviteter. Man kunde verkligen känna in folklivet i Rom. Lagom långa sträckor att förflytta dig på.
Annette - 21/09/2019 12:56
Adrian was the best. Loved everything about the tour.
Cristine - 16/09/2019 08:54
Great tour, our guide went above and beyond.
Joshua - 03/09/2019 13:52
Come with a very empty stomach! It was a very nicely curated experience with so much to eat and drink especially, and all the instructors were so knowledgeable. Thank you Adrian!
Ginika - 30/08/2019 20:29
10000 stjerner. Ta’ med og vær’ social. Bedste aften,mad og vin
Pia - 30/08/2019 05:01
Adrian (our guide) was awesome, you have a great chance to get to know your group and there is perfect mix of culture, exploring and food to make the evening very enjoyable!
Matthew - 27/08/2019 16:24
Fabio was a fantastic host- we had so much fun eating & drinking :) Excellent choices of restos off Campo di Fiore with highlights like wine&cheese tasting and great Pasta in Trastevere. Thanks for a great evening!!
Nora - 22/07/2019 01:58
Het was top een aanrader. Vriendelijke gids,aangename wandeling fijne proeverijen op plaatsen komen waar je anders niet komt lekkere wijnen het was dik in orde
Edith - 23/06/2019 17:02
AMAZING. Food and wine were delicious. Our guide, Marcello, was great and knowledgeable!! I would highly recommend!
Aidan - 14/06/2019 21:06
Masser af god mad og en helt masse vin! Jeg blev ihvertfald ret fuld Men dejligt selskab og sjove steder at besøge, dog synes jeg at prisen var lidt dyr. Køb i god tid, og husk at komme til tiden, altid irriterende at skulle vente på nogen Hvis du rejser alene kan du sagtens tage på turen, det gjorde jeg og mødte en masse søde mennesker
Jessica - 14/06/2019 15:17
Amazing tour, fun night! Our guide marcello was so much fun and gave us great information about the city and the areas we visited. Had lots of good food and wine! My only issue... too much food! I couldn’t finish my delicious pasta at the end! Great time with the other members of our tour.
Mary - 13/06/2019 23:25
A Taste of Rome Food Tour and Wine Tasting
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