Our story

A tradition spanning two centuries
It was 1930 when the Martella family moved to Rome to start what would become a story of successful entrepreneurs. A journey that began in the field of public construction, leading them to become the founders of one of the most dynamic tour operators in the capital.

The Martella's built some of the most important streets in Rome and today, on those same roads, they now lead millions of tourists who have come to admire the beauty of their city.

The “sampietrini” the famous stones used for paving the main streets of Rome) of via Celio Vibenna, just to name one of the roadway works, were completed by the family firm, as well as the discover of the horse statues in front of the Colosseum under the supervision of the curator Arch. Rossella Rea.

Wanting to share their home of Rome in a special way with the rest of the world, Enjoy Rome was born in 1992 in via Marghera before moving to the modern offices in via Cavour. And from that moment on, Enjoy Rome has continued to grow.
With carefully selected award-winning guides, top-notch service and tour experiences of the highest quality, Enjoy Rome has stayed true to their roots and humble beginnings.
While their area of focus may have shifted a bit from constructing roads to building memorable experiences for those visiting their beloved Rome, the Martella’s continue with their same original principles and work ethic – and remain as passionate about their city as ever.

Designed with traveling tourists in mind even down to their operational hubs, both in the immediate vicinity of Vatican City – Via Vespasiano and Via Germanico, making it as easily accessible to their clients as possible. There is even a refreshment point for their customers to relax and recharge before or after their tour.
From walking the streets of Rome (some actually built by the Martella family themselves) with the best guides around, you can Enjoy Rome to the fullest.

Now expanding their offerings to new destinations beyond the Eternal City – like Florence, Venice, and Naples.