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优先入场 — 罗马精华一日游 — 徒步游览罗马斗兽场、古罗马广场、特莱维喷泉、万神庙和纳沃纳广场
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Enjoy Rome Tours
Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours
Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours
Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours
Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours
Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours
Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours
Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours
Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours
Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours
Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours Enjoy Rome Tours : tourism in Rome, tour and sightseeing tours
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优先入场 — 罗马精华一日游 — 徒步游览罗马斗兽场、古罗马广场、特莱维喷泉、万神庙和纳沃纳广场


您可享受我们的优先入场服务,无需排队 — 让您有更多时间游览罗马。


您可享受我们的优先入场服务,无需排队 — 让您有更多时间游览罗马。


1. 这趟诗情画意的观光游首先会游览最让人印象深刻的古罗马遗迹 — 罗马斗兽场。这里最初名为福雷维安圆形剧场,现在仍是世界上最大的圆形剧场。罗马斗兽场是永恒之城的标志,给人予启发,让人赞叹不已,彰显古罗马的伟大和璀璨。

2. 行程的下一站是古罗马广场,这是帕拉蒂尼山与卡托皮林山间的一条峡谷。这座广场是城市的政治、宗教和商业中心,Julius Caesar 就埋藏在壮丽的寺庙和拱门之间的一座祭坛中,时至今日仍可探访。这是罗马的必看景点。

3. 我们离开古老世界,继续前往威尼斯广场,您可在那观赏维托里亚诺 — 这是罗马最让人叹为观止的遗迹和游览景点。

4. 不到特莱维喷泉一游,枉来罗马一趟。特莱维喷泉是罗马最大且最著名的喷泉,最近修复之后,比以往更加炫丽、漂亮。

5. 我们的徒步之旅继续前行,穿过标志性的狭窄罗马街道,前往圣母玛利亚罗通达广场,万神庙就坐落在这里 — 其著名的带孔穹顶仍旧是有史以来最大且最重要的建筑。

6. 罗马精华观光游最后将游览纳沃纳广场 — 这座广场以 Bernini 打造的三座喷泉而闻名,我们的导游还会与您热情分享有趣的奇闻异事。

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Piazza del Arco di Costantino
從地鐵站“Colosseo”(地面層)穿過馬路到鬥獸場,然後步行穿過羅馬鬥獸場廣場,前方幾米就能看到Arch of Costantine。 我們的協調員將在拱門下等你。

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该徒步之旅耗时 3.5 小时,请确保穿着舒适鞋履!

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自行车、冰鞋和 segways 代步车







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with 167 user reviews
Guesepo did an excellent tour. We remember for a life time
08/05/2019 18:26
Muy bueno
Muy buena experiencia con nuestro guia Felix, muy recomendable
05/05/2019 16:08
Ramon Pascoal
Muchas gracias
Hemos hecho el tour del Vaticano con la guía Rosario y ha sido magnífico. Muchas gracias a la organización y a ella, por sus conocimientos que nos ha transmitido y por su amabilidad. Muchas gracias
05/05/2019 15:09
Alfred Hall
Caput Mundi
We enjoyed our Ancient Rome half day walking tour, our guide Giuseppe was fantastic from the very start before we entered the Colosseum right through to the end at the Piazza Navona, he was very knowledgeable and we picked up some new historical facts along the way. Giuseppe was friendly and made sure all the group were together and informed. Also recommend to purchase the "CaputMundi" book an extension to the tour.
03/05/2019 01:06
Capris Vdd
Magnifique souvenir
Catherine notre guide est une personne passionnée. Elle a su nous transporté à travers ses explications et ses récits....un pure bonheur , magnifique souvenir
02/05/2019 12:04
A must experience
We had a short visit to Rome and decided to book the Ancient Rome walking tour. Best decision we made! Giuseppe, our tour guide, is a former university professor with that rare and amazing ability to make history actually come alive. For a few hours we saw beyond the present day ruins, and glimpsed the incredible beauty and power of Rome as the capital of the ancient world. Giuseppe gave us plenty of time to take pictures and enjoy the experience. He provided unique insights and perspective on every site we visited. Definitely a "must experience” for anyone visiting Rome. Thank you Giuseppe!!
02/05/2019 04:05
The tour is great value for money
our guide Lara was wonderful, so knowledgeable and passionate about the history of all that we saw. Lara's commentry was entertaining as well as informative. The tour is great value for money and I will recommend this tour to my friends.
02/05/2019 02:06
Great Tour and guide
We met with the exceptional Guiseppe at the appointed place and had an absolutely fantastic time. Super knowledgeable about all places on the tour and a great and fun bloke to go with it. I could not possibly recommend this tour (and any tour with Guiseppe) enough
25/08/2018 04:03
Brilliant guide
We went on this 3.5 hour walking tour of Rome including Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi fountain etc. Our tour guide was Giuseppe and he was excellent: friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable, engaging. He gave us so much information but kept it really interesting and digestible. Our tour was an english language one, and his english was excellent and easy to understand. We also had 2 spanish group members, and he went out of his way to deliver the information to them in Spanish as well. It's a great tour to do at the beginning of your trip to see it all, get all the info, and then decide which places you'd like to go back to. The only downside of the tour was not much free time at each location, but that would have made the tour longer, and especially in July, it was incredibly hot, and we wouldn't have managed to walk around for much longer in the heat! Would definitely recommend the tour, and especially Giuseppe as an excellent guide
04/08/2018 13:48
Mike and Michelle Carpenter
Wow! Giuseppe was terrific!!
Excellent tour and well described. Yes, there is a lot of walking but that’s really the best way to see and experience this beautiful city. Giuseppe was a wonderful guide. His English was usually easy to understand and he was well versed in local history.
25/06/2018 12:14
Fantastic Tour with Giuseppe!
Our tour guide, Giuseppe, was fun, friendly, and very knowledgeable about the history of Rome. The pace of the tour was well-timed and didn't feel rushed. Working with Enjoy Rome is easy because the tour information provided was easy to follow and organized. We will definitely use Enjoy Rome again!
22/06/2018 04:09
Jaime Jimènez Farìas
En la informaciòn no aparece los horarios de salida para el recorrido
07/06/2018 03:29
Visite exceptionnelle avec guide exceptionnelle
Catherine notre guide est à demander pour vos excursions sur Rome. Elle est très captivante et vous rend la visite du Colisée, forum et Panthéon très agréable malgré un temps exécrable! Avec plein de petites anecdotes, de support pour compléter ses dires... c’est top. Avec 2 ados pas tjs facile à captiver là ils ont été conquis et les 3h30 de visites sont passées comme une lettre à la poste.
09/05/2018 22:17
John Archer
Long walk!
We booked this tour through a travel agent and forgot that it was a walking tour though the whole city not just the coliseum and roman forum. but that is okay because this was still a great tour to take early(Day one for us) it showed us a good way to get around the city and showed us the highlights of what rome has to offer. if you are ready to do some walking this is the tour for you to really get going in rome.
02/01/2018 17:51
Walking Tour - Colosseum, Ancient Forum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Piazza Navona
Our guide Giuseppe was great. The tour was enjoyable and Giuseppe was very informative during the whole tour.
29/10/2017 13:11
MP Larmagnac
Le meilleur de Rome en un jour visite du 24 octobre 2017 à 14h
Visite du mardi 24 octobre 2017 à 14h j'ai oublié le prénom de la guide mais je pense qu'il sera facile de savoir de qui il s'agit. guide très agréable, à l'écoute de chacun sachant s'adapter à son public avec des commentaires de qualité dans un français parfaitement maitrisé. Je la recommande vivement.
28/10/2017 07:19
Ian Coutts
Fantastic Tour with an Outstanding Guide
My wife and I loved this walking tour as we not only got to see and hear about some of the key attractions in Rome, our guide, Lara, was outstanding. She not only provided the history behind the attractions, she added interesting facts and related to movies and material that everyone really enjoyed. Thank you Lara. We recommend this tour highly.
09/10/2017 13:14
Fransisca and her passion
Fransisca did a fantastic job of explaining the history of the coliseum and all other points of interest. She had the passion and knowledge that was exhibited to the entire group. I would ask for her again.
06/10/2017 12:36
Really nice!!
Me and my auntie went on the walk in the morning with the guide Giuseppe and it was lovely! It's a long walk but we went slowly and making stops so we could see everything. The guide Giuseppe was fun and gentle and he knows a lot about all the monuments! We understood perfectly what he explained. He was carfull with all group and gave us all the attention.
04/10/2017 16:44
Laura was a Fantastic Tour Guide!
We had the best time on our walking tour with Laura. She was very friendly and so knowledgeable about all the sights we visited. We had plenty of time for picture taking and asking questions. With only 6 in our tour group (and we were 4 of them) it was almost a private tour. Thank you Laura for such a great morning!!
29/09/2017 23:13
Loved Every Minute
We took the tour with Giuseppe and he was amazing. He was friendly, funny, and knowledgeable. It was a long, intense walking tour in the hot sun, but he made sure to take care of the group with plenty of breaks and pointers on where to get beverages and gelato. He even took the time to give us a mini counting lesson in Italian! I would highly recommend him and this tour.
10/09/2017 14:38
Carol Robinson
Ancient Rome And Colosseum
Geuseppie was a very knowledgeable and interesting tour guide. The tour was very informative and very well led. The pace was manageable and there were enough toilet and rest stops. The tour was very well worth doing. Would recommend!
11/08/2017 22:16
Allie T
Great tour with Giuseppe!
My husband and I went on a half day tour of the Colosseum, Ancient Forum, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. It was wonderful and Giuseppe did a great job. Very personable and knowledgeable!
02/08/2017 02:18
Jon and Steph
Wonderful way to Visit Acient Rome
Our tour was wonderful and was enhanced by the knowledge of our tour guide, Giuseppe. 5 Stars to Giuseppe. He made the 3 hour tour in the heat very pleasant.
14/07/2017 21:28
Tolle Tour mit fantastisch guter Führerin
Wir haben die Tour mit der Familie unternommen und waren alle absolut begeistert von unserer enthusiastischen Tourleitung Manuela. Sie hat es verstanden, die Führung zu einem wirklich interessanten Streifzug durch die Geschichte zu gestalten. Auch unseren Kinder (12-18 Jahre) war dabei keinen Moment langweilig. Wir hatten das Glück einer fast privaten Tour, da außer uns nur noch zwei weitere Teilnehmer dabei waren. Wie bereits in anderen Rezensionen erwähnt, ist die Tour recht anstrengend. Manuela hat aber an dem sehr heißen Tag immer ein schattiges Plätzchen für die Gruppe gefunden und auch an den vielen Trinkbrunnen blieb genug Zeit, um die Wasserflaschen aufzufüllen. Irgendeine Anekkdote fiel dann auch immer noch dabei ab. Alles in allem eine wirklich lohnenswerte Tour, die wir insbesondere wegen Manuela uneingeschränkt empfehlen können!
27/06/2017 14:11
Claudette FInk
Walking with the Gladiators
We could not have been any luckier. Giuseppe was our guide and with his History of teaching Roman History and Archeological background we were transported to another time and place. What can I say but thank you for making this possible.
22/06/2017 23:37
Paul and Alicia Martin
Giuseppe was the best!
Great way to spend the morning. Our tour guide Giuseppe was very knowledgeable and very good. The total tour took about 3 hours and we had about 15 minutes at each site to take pictures. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone planning to visit Rome.
22/06/2017 13:39
Magique !!
Nous avons passe un après midi très agréable et très enrichissant. Nous n'avons pas vu passer les 3h de visite en compagnie de notre guide Barbara, et pourtant il faisait très chaud. Nous n'avons pas fait la queue au Colisée. Les commentaires étaient très intéressants, nous avons pu poser des questions et Barbara nous a laissé un peu de temps pour prendre des photos. Nous recommandons vivement cette excursion à pied qui permet de découvrir les plus beaux monuments de Rome. Un grand merci à notre guide Barbara pour cet excellente après midi et pour nous avoir fait partager la passion de sa ville !!
21/06/2017 15:21
Worth it - skip the line and enjoy a great guided tour
Our guide Barbara was amazing. She was knowledgeable and really nice. It amazed me how fast we got in into the colesseum, there was a huge line but we quickly made our way through the group tours line and thank god for that because it's hot and sunny in Rome at 9 am. The colesseum and the Trevi fountain was the highlight of this tour, so beautiful. But I loved walking around and enjoyed all the stops we made. This tour included a headphones and a receiver to hear our guide tour no matter what and it was fantastic. There is so much people in these places that we were carefree to move around a bit and still hear her and not get lost. I am so glad we got this tour, it's worth every penny. I will definitely recommend getting this tour and in the future when in Rome I will look forward to booking tours with them.
18/06/2017 09:27
Great tour - awesome guide
This was our second walking tour during our stay in Rom (first one was in the Vatican) and we were very pleased when we recognized that Pascal, the guide from our first tour with Enjoy Rom was again leader of our group (tour was taken in German language). Since all the main attractions are very close by, this tour is not overly exhausting to do by foot. If you plan on doing a tour in the Vatican and this one, i would recommend first going on the tour in the vatican and then on this on (helps you understand a lot of things better in my opinion). Definitely can recommend the tour, worth the money and time. Especially with Pascal as a tour guide!!! He is a great guy, knows all the facts (at least none of the questions remained unanswered, and we as Germans tend to ask a lot of questions ^^). His sympathetic and humorous characters makes it very enjoyable and never boring to listen to him. If you have him as a guide: SCORE!!!
11/06/2017 21:52
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