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Skip the line - Essential Vatican Tour – Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica
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Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
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“Führung durch den Vatikan mit Marilena”
Mario Janke

Skip the line - Essential Vatican Tour – Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica

The most beloved place to visit in Rome, our complete Vatican tour includes – the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica. All of the must-see destinations when visiting Vatican City.

And you can skip the line allowing you more time to enjoy your Vatican visit.


  1. This essential Vatican City tour in Rome begins with a visit to the Vatican Museums- one of the main destinations and top things to do in Rome. And you can skip the line, allowing you more time to discover great works of art by Michelangelo and Raphael. (Please note: Raphael Rooms are available only for the first morning tour)
  2. Explore works of art in the Pio-Clementino Museum and travel through the Gallery of the Tapestries and the Gallery of the Maps. At 75 meters long, the Gallery of the Tapestries is named after the elaborate Flemish tapestries that drape its walls. The Gallery of the Maps, painted between 1580 and 1585, takes its name from the 40 maps frescoed on the walls, representing each of the Italian regions and papal properties at the time of Pope Gregory XIII.
  3. Our sightseeing Vatican visit continues to one of the most revered places to see in Rome – and the world – the Sistine Chapel. An absolute must-see in Rome, our guide will walk you through amazing works of art including Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement – the largest fresco ever painted by one man. As you explore the endless wonders, our guide will tell you the stories behind these famous masterpieces on this breathtaking Sistine Chapel tour.
  4. The last stop on this walking tour of Vatican City is St. Peter’s Basilica- without having to leave the museums. The most renown work of Renaissance architecture and one of the largest churches in the world, a visit to St. Peter’s Basilica is essential to your Rome itinerary. Covering the most significant and spiritual destinations in the world, this Vatican City tour in Rome is an experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

what's included

  • Skip the line access
  • Expert tour guide
  • Standard tour (Maximum 25 persons per group) or Semiprivate (Maximum 16 per group)
  • Headsets
  • Raphael Rooms tour

what's not included

  • Pick up and drop off

meeting point

Your meeting point is inside the Enjoy Rome office – located on Via Vespasiano 46A (take Metro OTTAVIANO stop on Line A). Please arrive 25 minutes before the start of your tour to check-in with a member of our staff.

Please note- the meeting point is inside of our office. But for security reasons, we are not able to store any personal belongings at our office – so please plan accordingly.

From April 1st 2019 the meeting point for Vatican Tours in English is in via Germanico 8.

ending point

Our tour ends with on the steps of St. Peter’s Square, surrounded by the beautiful white columns and Bernini’s fountains.

dress code

Please note- the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica maintains a strict dress code year-round. All visitors must have their shoulders covered and pants/skirts must come to the knee. And make sure to wear comfortable shoes!

important informations

The Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica has strict security restrictions. Due to metal detectors at the entrances of most attractions it is forbidden to bring the following:
  • Weapons and blunt objects (knives, long umbrellas, etc.)
  • Glass bottles, aerosol sprays, and alcohol
  • Bicycles, skates, and segways
  • Luggage
  • Pets
Large bags and selfie sticks are not allowed in the Vatican. There is a free Vatican cloakroom service once you have gone through the metal detectors. But please keep in mind that there is no bag check at St. Peter’s Basilica. Strollers are permitted.


According to Saint Peter's Basilica closing time table, the tour inside the Church is not included.

*St. Peter's Basilica is closed on Wednesday mornings and doesn't open until after 12:00 pm

Visitors with disabilities:
The Vatican Museums offer free entry to all disabled visitors with certified invalidity of more than 74%. For visitors who are not self-sufficient, free entry is also extended to a companion.


If you or any member of your party has difficulty with mobility (uses crutches or a wheelchair, etc.), please contact us in advance. This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

Private tours are available to meet these needs, on request.

cancellation policy

FREE Cancellation
with 348 user reviews
Camilla Bjorkman
Vasco the great guide
We had an very good day in Vatican with Vasco last friday. He kept us interested under the hole tour and give us memories for life.
11/06/2019 05:35
Grossartig spannend entspannend informativ und jeden Cent wert
Wir hatten ganz viel Spass mit unser wunderbaren Führerin, die sehr achtsam mit uns und allen Menschen war, sehr sehr viel erzählen konnte, ohne uns mit Informationen zu überschütten. So wurde es ein entspannter Tag inmitten dieses Getümmels. Diese Tour ist für mich ein must-have in Vatikan Stadt. Vielen vielen Dank. Fast hätten wir sogar fast Papa Franziskus gesehen, an einem Gottesdienst im Petersdom. Wenn wir allein unterwegs gewesen wären, wäre uns das gar nicht aufgefallen und so haben wir die Kardinäle bewundern dürfen. Bei dieser Tour wurde sehr genau auf unsere Bedürfnisse eingegangen. Es war wunderbar! DANKE!!!!
08/06/2019 10:28
Massimo - The best Italian tour guide
Massimo was the best Italian guide I've ever met. His professionalism and perfect English made our Vatican tour interesting and enjoyable. Greetings from Georgia!!!
03/06/2019 14:38
Marilena als herausragende Tour-Führerin im der Vatikan-Stadt
Mehr als drei Stunden herausragendes Wissen auch zu vielen Hintergründen aus ihren Studien und große Erfahrung aus langjährigen Aufenthalten in der Vatikan-Stadt haben die Tour zu einem besonderen Erlebnis werden lassen. Danke sehr, Marilena!
25/05/2019 22:53
Erstklassige Führung
Marilena hat uns (18.5., 12:30 Uhr) eine deutschsprachige, mehr als dreieinhalbstündige Führung durch den Vatikan beschert. ihre Begeisterung und Leidenschaft für das Thema ist sofort übergesprungen, es war ein Vergnügen ihren schier unerschöpflichen Ausführungen zu folgen. Zudem hat sie uns aufmerksam und umsichtig durch die Menschenmassen an diesem Tag gelotst. Immer präsent, immer um unser Wohl besorgt, dabei stets auch mit Humor und Freude. Es war uns eine Freude!
18/05/2019 23:19
Highly recommended Vatican Tour
My husband and I did the early morning 1/2 Day Vatican tour and it was worth every penny. We were greeted right away when walking into the office by a courteous and polite staff. Our guide was great! Friendly and knowledgeable, and even better he spoke very good English. Thank you Alfredo! He always made sure we didn’t lose anyone, he spent a good amount of time at each spot and made sure everyone’s questions were answered. We did the early morning skip the line tour which I highly recommend, it left right on time and lasted right about to lunch so I would also recommend eating a good breakfast because it’s a lot of walking. It is still crowded so don’t expect to be the only ones but if doing early tour it’s not half as bad as it would later in the day. So glad we chose Enjoy Rome as our guided tour through the Vatican. Thank you Enjoy Rome and Alfredo for making our experience here a great one.
07/05/2019 22:11
Jan Williams
Her English was near perfect
Myself and a group of friends booked the 8.30am Vatican Tour, skip the line, worth every penny of it and more! We went, yesterday, 19/2/18. We were greeted by the receptionist when we entered the building, which was clean, light and airy. Our tour guide was Francesca, totally brilliant and so informative and kept you captivated from the start to the finish of the tour. We had a short walk up to the Vatican, I believe there was around 30 of us in total. Age ranged from a young child in a stroller, around 1 and perhaps 10 year old up to the age of around 65. Her English was near perfect and so easy to engage and ask questions. Her pace and the information she gave was easy to understand and was directed correctly to us has tourists. The tour is 3 hrs long, we were gone around 3 and half hrs, we wasn't rushed and she showed us the most historical important bits and we were not disappointed. Her knowledge is exceptional and she was a pleasure to be with. Thank you Francesca for the time you gave us. Jan Williams Wolverhampton, (UK)
04/05/2019 10:08
Miriam King-Beckett
The children loved it too
Anna our tour guide was amazing, she is passionate and has so much knowledge of the history of Rome. We were so lucky to get her...... I would be very careful when booking tours in Rome - as some do not have the knowledge especially the one who thought it would be a good idea for her group to sing happy birthday in the Sistine Chapel!.. thought Anna was going to have a heart attack!!! at so much disrespect. The children loved her also, telling them about her home town in Milan. I can't recommend these guys enough!!!
01/05/2019 22:03
Vasco, the best tour guide ever!
We visited the Vatican with an incredible tour guide named Vasco. He is very cultured, fascinating, passionate, generous with his time (beyond 3 hours), a great sense of humor. While other groups were rushing through, he would take the time to bring our attention to every detail. My children were totally into it. We walked out of this tour very pleased. We highly recommend Vasco! We hope you have him as a guide!
01/05/2019 18:59
A great team at Enjoy Rome and brilliant tour guide Michele
This isn't our first time visiting the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel as we normally do our own research for attractions but it's our first with a tour guide. Our guide was Michele, who held our group of 30 in thrall for three hours with his indepth knowledge of the subject, sense of humour, ever present wide smile and infectious enthusiasm. Kudos too to the young and cheerful team at Enjoy Rome, especially Eeva, Dario, Mary and Loren!
02/04/2019 15:37
La Guida del Vaticano con Immacolata in lingua Tedesta e stata presentata con tanta gioia e amore. Grazie mille di averti conoscuta.
29/03/2019 19:47
Tour mit Marilena extra klasse!!!
Vielen Dank nochmal für die wunderbare, sehr lebendige und vor allem informative Tour durch die Vatikanischen Museen, die Sixtinische Kapelle und die Ausführungen zum Petersdom. Marilena hat mich mit ihrer Leidenschaft für das Thema mitgerissen und tief in die Zeit von Michelangelo et al eintauchen lassen. Ich kann es nur jedem empfehlen!!
22/03/2019 08:52
Grazie alla guida Marco
Grazie Marco per questo favoloso giro in Vaticano!
06/03/2019 16:52
Un grazie alla guida Marco per il favoloso giro in Vaticano
Un giro indimenticabile, in un luogo indimenticabile con Marco, una guida cordiale, attenta e preparata!
06/03/2019 16:49
Fantastico giro in Vaticano con Marco
Tre ore fantastiche in Vaticano, in un luogo straordinario, con Marco, una guida preparatissima e gentilissima! Grazie ??
06/03/2019 16:42
Roland und Doloris
Hallo, we made our tour with our great guide Paola for German people. She was really fit with all historical and outer historical events, her background was great due to her art historical studies and she was mega amazing, she explained every topic with great enthousiasm and all visitors followed her and listened her with great attention. Her tour was accompanied by available posters with which she explained the great works before entering and her fascination for these events jumped over to all those participating in her tour and became live... she was great and amazing and it is a real event to share her explanatíons. we can recommend her more than usual...
25/01/2019 23:16
Enjoyed the tour
Deny has been a great storyteller. Highly recommended!
22/12/2018 20:39
Excellent excursion with Deny
I want to thank our guide Deny for l amazing excursion in Vatican, her “stories” and style of guiding made our this trip something special and really exciting! Thanks and wish you good luck! Olga from Moscow (lady in pink coat))
22/12/2018 20:36
Vatican tour
Excellent tour and worth every penny to see the Vatican Guide was excellent and knowledgeable about the history and culture of the Vatican Highlight of the tour is the sistene chapel but the maps and tapestries also impressed
11/12/2018 16:48
Sixtijnse Kapel, Museum en Baseliek
Normaal gesproken boek ik geen tour met gids, vaak slecht te verstaan en niet altijd even boeiend. In dit geval heb ik er geen spijt van. Door het audiosysteem en het goed verstaanbare Engels van Linda was het goed te volgen. Daarbij is zij een zeer boeiend verteller, goed geïnformeerd en humoristisch. Aanrader!
23/10/2018 20:34
Excellente guide Catherine, qui nous a fait partager sa passion du lieu. Notre groupe était unanimement ravi! ???? De loin mon meilleur souvenir de Rome, le plus instructif. Encore merci!
07/10/2018 09:02
Skip-the-Line Vatican Museums, Sistene Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica
Michael was a great tour guide. The Enjoy Rome office tour location was easy to find. Michael's extensive knowledge of Roman history was amazing. He kept the group together and made the whole experience enjoyable. Paying for skip-the-line access was well worth the cost of the tour. We highly recommend the service.
30/09/2018 23:09
Enjoy Rome Aug2018
What an amazing historical journey. Our amazing tour guide, Vosco, provided us with the most magical tour and journey...with grace and smiles. His attention to detail and soft voice made the tour much more enjoyable. We will be back for sure and hope to get Vosco as our tour guide again. A truly enjoyable Rome experience.
13/09/2018 01:44
Our tour guide from enjoyrome.com Francesca was fabulous she shared her knowledge and experience of the Vatian from her heart with a pleasant voice though microphone. Very thing went very smothly. I would definitely recommend!
04/09/2018 22:41
Wir waren am Montag, den 27.8. im Vatikan. Es hat alles wunderbar geklappt, Marilena war pünktlich am Treffpunkt und auf Anhieb sehr sympathisch, man merkt mit wieviel Leidenschaft sie als Tour Guide arbeitet. Sie konnte uns sehr viel zu den Malereien der Sixtinischen Kapelle erzählen und achtete darauf, dass wir im Schatten stehen. Wir hatten genügend Zeit, uns alles in Ruhe anzusehen, da wir an einem Tag im Vatikan waren, an dem nicht viel los war. Anstehen mussten wir nirgendwo :) Wirklich zu empfehlen, großes Lob erneut an Marilena!
03/09/2018 11:34
Hervorragende Führung durch den Vatikan
Wie kann eine 3-stündige Tour bei Hitze und Menschenmassen zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis werden? Mit Mira! Ihre kurzweiligen, leidenschaftlichen Ausführungen haben enorm dazu beigetragen. Auch unsere jugendlichen Söhne waren schwer beeindruckt. Alles perfekt organisiert. Das Office, in dem man sich anmeldet und wo man auf die Tour wartet, ist gut gekühlt, modern und großzügig ausgestattet. Alles Top.
07/08/2018 10:48
Great Vatican Tour!
Our guide Sabrina was very enthusiastic as well as knowledgeable about the history of the Vatican. We thoroughly enjoyed every part of the tour. Enjoy Rome was very easy to work with and we would definitely use them again!
22/06/2018 04:02
Dr. Bernd Wollberg
Vatikanische Museen
Die drei Stunden Führung sind wie im Fluge vergangen, hervorragende Führung von Mazilena Tamiolaki. Man merkt, dass sie sehr großes Wissen hat und dieses auch sehr gut an die Gruppe weitergeben kann.
15/06/2018 21:14
Die Touren mit Marilena waren fachkundig , informativ,, detailliert und mit sehr viel Charme und Humor durchgeführt. Wir haben selten so kompetente und sympathische Führer erlebt, denen man wie Marilena die Liebe und Begeisterung für ihr Sujet so sehr anmerkt !! Mille grazie, Marilena, bis bald !!
07/06/2018 00:31
Michael and Valerie
We Highly Recommend
Thanks to our tour guide Giulio. There is just too much to see and appreciate at the Vatican, you need someone with knowledge and insight like his. The experience gave us an interest in Michelangelo that we did not have before. We will be back to "Skip The Line".
31/05/2018 03:47
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