Zauberhafter Tagesausflug von Rom Tivoli – Hadriansvilla und Villa d’Este

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Zauberhafter Tagesausflug von Rom   Tivoli – Hadriansvilla und Villa d’Este
Zauberhafter Tagesausflug von Rom   Tivoli – Hadriansvilla und Villa d’Este
Zauberhafter Tagesausflug von Rom   Tivoli – Hadriansvilla und Villa d’Este
Zauberhafter Tagesausflug von Rom   Tivoli – Hadriansvilla und Villa d’Este
Zauberhafter Tagesausflug von Rom   Tivoli – Hadriansvilla und Villa d’Este
Zauberhafter Tagesausflug von Rom   Tivoli – Hadriansvilla und Villa d’Este
Zauberhafter Tagesausflug von Rom   Tivoli – Hadriansvilla und Villa d’Este
Zauberhafter Tagesausflug von Rom   Tivoli – Hadriansvilla und Villa d’Este
Zauberhafter Tagesausflug von Rom   Tivoli – Hadriansvilla und Villa d’Este
Zauberhafter Tagesausflug von Rom   Tivoli – Hadriansvilla und Villa d’Este
Zauberhafter Tagesausflug von Rom   Tivoli – Hadriansvilla und Villa d’Este

Zauberhafter Tagesausflug von Rom Tivoli – Hadriansvilla und Villa d’Este

Dieser bezaubernde Ausflug von Rom bringt Sie nach Tivoli, wo Sie zwei einzigartige Orte erkunden können: Die Hadriansvilla und die Villa d’Este.

Unser Experte führt Sie durch diese unentdeckten Wunder und taucht mit Ihnen in die faszinierenden Welten der Villa des Kaisers Hadrian und der majestätischen Renaissancevilla Villa d‘Este mit ihren bezaubernden Gärten und deren herrlichen Wasserspielen ein. Beide Ziele verdienen wirklich ihren Status als UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe.

Diese Sightseeingtour per Bus und zu Fuß ist die perfekte Tour abseits der ausgetretenen Exkursionspfade außerhalb der geschäftigen Stadt – und der beste Wege, einige der schönsten Plätze zu sehen, die man auf einem Rombesuch besichtigen kann.

  • Villa Adriana
    Dieser bezaubernde Tagesausflug von Rom beginnt mit einer 40-minütigen Busfahrt zur Hadriansvilla. Die Größe des Anwesens von Kaiser Hadrian ist ein Anblick, der Sie sicherlich beeindrucken wird. Der Kaiser wählte seinen Wohnsitz außerhalb der Stadt an einem Ort, an dem es viel Wasser gab, um das sogenannte Canopus zu bauen, eine der am besten erhaltenen Stätten dieses Komplexes. Die Statuen, die diesen Wasserpool umgeben, erzeugen erstaunliche Reflexe auf der wunderschön von üppigen grünen Gärten umgebenen Wasseroberfläche.
  • Tivoli
  • Villa d'Este
Dieser bezaubernde Tagesausflug von Rom beginnt mit einer 40-minütigen Busfahrt zur Hadriansvilla.
Villa Adriana
  • Wo sind die Tivoli-Gärten?

    Tivoli, manchmal auch als Tivoli-Gärten bezeichnet, ist eine Stadt in Latium, etwa 30 Kilometer außerhalb Roms.
  • Wie kommt man von Rom zur Villa d’Este Tivoli?

    Es gibt verschiedene Möglichkeiten, um von Rom zur Villa d’Este in Tivoli zu gelangen. Sie können einen Bus vom Bahnhof Roma Tiburtina zur Piazza Garibaldi in Tivoli nehmen, die 3 Minuten zu Fuß von der Villa d’Este entfernt ist (und insgesamt etwa 50 Minuten dauern sollte), oder Sie können den Zug von Roma Termini zur Haltestelle Tivoli nehmen und von dort aus ungefähr 13 Minuten zu Fuß zur Villa D’Este gehen. Sie können auch einen Shuttlebus oder ein Upgrade auf eine geführte Tour nehmen, die den Transport für die direkte Hin- und Rückfahrt beinhaltet.
  • Wann ist die Villa D’Este in Tivoli in die UNESCO eingetreten?

    Die Villa D’Este wurde 2001 von der UNESCO zum Weltkulturerbe erklärt. Die berühmte Villa aus dem 16. Jahrhundert in Tivoli enthält einige der schönsten italienischen Renaissancegärten und -brunnen sowie ein Museum.
  • Wie kommt man von Rom zur Villa Adriana?

    Die Villa Adriana oder Hadrians Villa ist etwas schwieriger zu erreichen als die Villa D’Este. Sie ist nur mit dem Auto oder Bus von Roma Tiburtina nach Ponte Lucano zu erreichen und von dort sind es etwa 20 Minuten zu Fuß. Der Transport kann jedoch etwas schwierig sein, weshalb sich so viele Menschen für einen Shuttleservice oder eine geführte Tour entscheiden.
  • Wie kommt man von Tivoli zur Villa Adriana?

    Von Tivoli aus können Sie die Villa Adriana (Hadrians Villa) nur mit dem Auto oder einem privaten Bus oder Shuttlebus erreichen. Deshalb empfehlen wir immer, einen Shuttlebus mit der Option auf eine geführte Tour zu buchen - ein zusätzlicher Nutzen beim Besuch der wunderschönen UNESCO-Stätten von Tivoli.
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Great tour - wonderful guide
Giuseppe made this tour a wonderful experience. His english was perfect, his narrative was very clear, compelling, and provided just the right amount of information. highly recommended. it goes without saying that the visited sites were fantastic in both historical and cultural value, as well as magnificent visual experience.
Alexander Alperin - 01/09/2021 19:10
Gita a villa Adriana e villa D'ESTE
Ringraziamo CRISTIANA per la sua preparazione,gentilezza e DISPONIBILITÀ.Una giornata splendida tra villa Adriana e villa D'Este. Da consigliare.
Francesca - 29/07/2021 15:41
well structured tour
We met the tour guide at the allocated point and were given earphones in order to hear her. She explained some of the histories of the Colosseum and the surrounding area and then took us into the Colosseum. She was incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic and really made the tour fascinating. We then went up Palatine Hill and I won't spoil it, but do make sure you go. It is amazing! The three hours flew by and I felt that I had had a real insight into Roman life and history.
eleanor - 11/07/2020 16:39
Highly recommend this tour
Of all the places we have traveled and all the tour guides we have experienced... Barbara was by far and away the best, most knowledgeable and passionate tour guide we have ever met. We highly recommend this company and in particular this tour guide. Thank you so much. Wow, wow wow!
Deborah - 11/07/2020 16:36
Really liked the tour
We could not be happier with the tour of Colosseum and Palatine Hill/Forum that we booked through Get Your Guide. The tour guides from Enjoy were waiting right where the voucher said they’d be with headphones and monitors. The tour guide Barbara was incredible. Her English is fantástico and she is very personable and knowledgeable of the history and significance of what she is showing the tourists. The group was kept to the 25 as stayed. And she gave everyone chances to take pictures along the way without rushing. Skip the line access was fantastic and we got right into the Colosseum floor to start. Then up each level after and on to the hill where she gave us a great sense of the historical sweep Of what we were seeing at every stop. Along the way she kept us out of the way of other tours and always kept tight count if the group. Afterward, she was available for any questions not asked along the way including restaurant suggestions. Great value for the money as well.
Katie - 11/07/2020 16:34
Worth the cost
We booked online and it was well worth the cost! The guide was fantastic and very knowledgeable. We arrived 25mins before our time slot, much quicker than the two-hour queue that had formed.
Katie - 11/07/2020 16:32
Great guide and an amazing tour
Laura our tour and guide were fabulous! It flowed very well and was easy since we had tickets in advance. Historical information was interesting and well-timed. Her sense of humor was great. She was a local Roman and had mastery of the English language.
Jennifer - 11/07/2020 16:02
Enjoyed the tour
Very good. Richard our guide is so knowledgeable and very very accomodating. there wasn't one question he didn't know the answer in regards to Roman history. Special credits to him and the tour was a very enjoyable one. will recommend this to anyone who is visiting ROME
Mali - 11/07/2020 16:00
Worth paying for the tour
Great tour. Maria was very informative and knowledgeable. Easy to find a meeting point. Worth paying for the tour as you get lots of information.
Susan - 11/07/2020 15:56
A Fantastic Day Trip
We have enjoyed a wonderful day in beautiful Tivoli with the sun shining and a very well led tour to Adriana Villa and Villa d’Este. Giuseppe kept us well informed and entertained throughout and his passion for his home territory was evident. I would totally recommend this tour and will hopefully return to enjoy again.
Robert Miles - 02/01/2020 19:35
Overall a good experience
Terence - 05/11/2019 22:46
All technical equipment worked well. Bus was comfortable. Guide Joseph was very informative and helpful. Loved Hadrian’s Villa and really loved Villa d’ Este. The fountains were incredible! Joseph explained the history of what we were seeing and helped us to enjoy the town of Tivoli too. Well worth the day trip, and barely 45 minutes there and back. No negatives, but here are some notes for your planning: You will leave wanting more time to explore on your own in both locations. I felt maybe a bit too much time in the city. The restaurant Joseph recommends is expensive for lunch (but good food!). Many less expensive spots in a three block radius. Lots of walking stairs and hills. I loved it, but not everyone does.
Susan - 31/10/2019 12:46
Una bellissima gita con un ottima guida
Gabriella - 30/10/2019 17:46
Joseph was a wonderful guide, knowledgeable, funny and attentive, we learned a lot , the sites visited are simply a must and we all had a great time.
Doron - 30/10/2019 08:11
La villa d’Este, site magnifique à ne pas louper !! Très bonne organisation et très bon timing, 1h allouée à la pause déjeuner et retour au point de rdv vers 16h. Nous avons eu la chance de bénéficier d’un temps exceptionnel ce qui a rendu cette visite magique...
Delphine - 30/10/2019 04:18
Tivoli Day Tour
We thoroughly enjoyed our day out to Tivoli with Giuseppe during our latest Roman holiday. The visits to Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este were very interesting and well balanced. The lunch break in Tivoli gave us the right amount of time to refresh and take a wander through the old town before meeting to visit Villa d’Este. We found Giuseppe to have a very personable delivery and manner with the right blend of information and good humour, with regular checks that our group was following what he was explaining. We recommend the tour.
Mike and Rosemary Brown - 29/10/2019 20:50
We did the full day visit to Hadrians Villa and Villa D’Este with our guide Giuseppe. He was very knowledgeable and good humoured. He would always ask if we were understanding what he was telling us and would revisit information he had told us earlier to ensure we had a good understanding. The balance of the tour worked well and we had plenty of time for individual exploration. We did not buy the included lunch but did pay individually for what we chose for lunch. The restaurant coped beautifully with all the individual orders and we had a relaxing lunch but also time to have a look around Tivoli.
Rosemary B - 29/10/2019 02:35
Giuseppe aus Tiburtina und von "Enjoy Rome" war ein toller Guide. Wir haben alles sehr gut verstanden, die Organisation war bestens und auch das empfohlene Lokal war absolut einen Besuch Wert. Dazu hatten wir enormes Glück mit dem Wetter, sowie dem Verkehr und den moderaten Besucherzahlen. Ein wirklich schöner Tag - bene et bravo!
Andrea - 26/10/2019 23:23
It was an excellent day and Giuseppe an exceptional guide: very good English, very knowledgeable about the places we visited. He looked after us tourists extremely well.
Cristina - 26/10/2019 21:54
Super journée ! Guiseppe est un excellent guide ce qui rend la visite encore plus intéressante !
Elise - 21/10/2019 12:05
Tivoli Tour
Giuseppe is very a responsible, nice knowledgeable guide. We enjoyed the two villages and food day trip. I give him 5 stars.
Xuxiu Zheng - 17/10/2019 16:55
Professional and informative
Sue - 15/10/2019 09:34
Die Reiseziele waren sehr gut ausgesucht und die Führung gut informiert, leider hatten wir vor Ort deutlich zu wenig Zeit, um den Schauplätzen auch nur annähernd gerecht zu werden.
Stephan - 08/10/2019 07:11
It was so nice to escape the crowds of busy Rome and enjoy the coolness of the hills at Tivoli. Giuseppe our guide took us on a tour of his home town and he had such an extensive knowledge and his lovely personality added to the day. Villa D’este is truely one of Italy’s great gardens and was a memorable experience
PWTobin1953 - 03/10/2019 08:52
Excellent tour. Would not have found Hadrian’s Villa as interesting without Guiseppe’s commentary on relevant history. Villa d’Este was like a premonition of heaven. Restaurant was very good too.
Barbara - 01/10/2019 21:02
We had a lovely day on this tour. Was actually better than I was expecting. Only negative is that it felt very rushed the whole time. You need a little longer in both places for a bit of exploring. Otherwise it would have been 5 star
Melissa - 24/09/2019 14:00
It was a wonderful experience and my husband and I truly enjoyed it. Our tour guide Giuseppe was very helpful, charming, knowledgeable and friendly. I have no regrets booking this tour and it really made my first time in Tivoli a memorable and beautiful one!
Mong Joon - 17/09/2019 03:32
Joseph was very informative and the day flowed well. Easy booking and pleasant way to spend a day outside of Rome
Angela - 16/09/2019 09:34
Me pareció interesantísimo y muy bien llevado por el guía
Julia - 15/09/2019 19:39
The tour guide was very accommodating and good
Nicanor - 15/09/2019 13:00
Zauberhafter Tagesausflug von Rom Tivoli – Hadriansvilla und Villa d’Este
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