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Rome is a tremendous place with thousands of sights. Where to start? Our Walking Tours provide the perfect introduction. Several different routes show different sides of the city, choose the ones that you like. We provide also Private Rome tours, Vatican Tours, and Pompeii Tours.
For those who would rather see the city in more sedate fashion, Enjoy Rome books Bus Tours of the city, the countryside and the rest of Italy.

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All roads lead to Rome: Rome Marathon 2016 is coming..

Only more then fifteen days are left to the biggest sport event in Italy: Rome Marathon (22^ edition), this year it will be held on...

What kinds of pizza can you eat in Rome? Where to find the best…

After a busy day spent visiting the most beautiful places of Rome with Enjoy Rome tours, what could be better than eating a delicious...

The Pincio terrace

To get to the first stop on this itinerary, take Metro Line A to Flaminio, then hike up the stairs on the eastern side of piazza del...