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Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour Enjoy Rome - Vatican Tour
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Wheelchair Accessible Private Vatican Tour

This fabulous tour is specially designed with wheelchair users in mind. Our guide takes you through the most important parts of the Vatican Museums that have wheelchair accessibility - the Pinacoteca Gallery, the Chiaramonti Museum and the Sistine Chapel. This private tour is a truly unique experience,  as you explore the amazing sights with a small group. And you can skip the line, allowing you more time to enjoy your Vatican visit. 


  1. This wheelchair only tour of the Vatican Museums begins with a visit to the Pinacoteca Gallery. Known as the Vatican Art Gallery, the Pinacoteca contains some of the most famous masterpieces of the Vatican Museums. The newest addition to the Vatican in 1932, which is so often overlooked, houses a total of 460 works spanning from the Middle Ages through the 1800's. Travel through Pinacoteca's 18 rooms as you explore the lesser-known masterpieces of Raphael, Caravaggio, and Da Vinci. 
  2. The second destination on this Vatican Museum tour is the Chiaramonti Museum. Named after Pope Pius VII and founded in the early 19th century, the museum contains some of the most important Roman statues and sculptures. 
  3. Then travel through the Pigna courtyard and then on to the upper galleries to explore the Gallery of Tapestries and the Gallery of Maps. At 75 meters long, the Gallery of the Maps, painted between 1580 and 1585, takes its name from the 40 maps frescoed on the walls, representing each of the Italian regions and papal properties at the time of Pope Gregory XIII. 
  4. Drift through the Sobieski Room and the Room of the Immaculate Conception before entering the famous Raphael Rooms. Spanning four separate areas, the frescos of the Raphael Rooms are considered to be some of the most valued works of art in Italy. 
  5. Last, but not least, is the Sistine Chapel. An absolute must-see in Rome, you will discover amazing works of art including Michelangelo's The Last Judgement - the largest fresco ever painted by one man. As you explore the endless wonders, our guide tells you the stories behind these famous masterpieces on this breathtaking Sistine Chapel Tour. 

what's included

  • Skip the line
  • Admission fee for the Vatican Museums
  • Expert tour guide
  • Small group 
  • Headsets

what's not included

  • Pick up and drop off
  • Enjoy Rome does not offer rental service of wheelchair or assistant services 

meeting point

Your meeting point is inside the Enjoy Rome office – located on Via Vespasiano 46A (take Metro OTTAVIANO stop on Line A). Please arrive 25 minutes before the start of your tour to check-in with a member of our staff.

Please note- the meeting point is inside of our office. But for security reasons, we are not able to store any personal belongings at our office – so please plan accordingly.

From April 1st 2019 the meeting point for Vatican Tours in English is in via Germanico 8.

ending point

This sightseeing tour ends at the Sistine Chapel. 

dress code

Please note-  the Sistine Chapel maintains a strict dress code year-round. All visitors must have their shoulders covered and pants/skirts must come to the knee. 

important information

The Vatican and Sistine Chapel have strict security restrictions. Due to metal detectors at the entrances of most attractions it is forbidden to bring the following:

  • Weapons and blunt objects (knives, long umbrellas, etc.)
  • Glass bottles, aerosol sprays, and alcohol
  • Bicycles, skates, and segways
  • Luggage
  • Pets

Visitors with disabilities:
The Vatican Museums offer free entry to all disabled visitors with certified invalidity of more than 74%. For visitors who are not self-sufficient, free entry is also extended to a companion.


This tour is wheelchair accessible ONLY. 

Please note - you must present your disability travel card from your home country. Please contact us to confirm the number of disabled people in your group, once you have completed your booking.

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Bellezza senza ostacoli
Grazie a questo tour siamo riusciti a goderci ogni angolo delle bellezze della Città del Vaticano. Attenzione ai dettagli da parte della nostra guida che ha saputo aiutarci in ogni situazione. Consigliatissimo!
24/04/2019 10:46