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Undiscovered Rome - Sightseeing Tour of the Catacombs, Appian Way, and the Roman Countryside
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Rome Tour of the Catacombs and Appian Way Rome Tour of the Catacombs and Appian Way
Undiscovered Rome - Catacombs of San Callisto and Appian Way tour Undiscovered Rome - Catacombs of San Callisto and Appian Way tour
Day trip in Rome - Appian Way and Claudian Aqueduct tour Day trip in Rome - Appian Way and Claudian Aqueduct tour
Undiscovered Rome - Tour of Appian Way and the Roman Countryside Undiscovered Rome - Tour of Appian Way and the Roman Countryside
Rome Tour - Catacombs, Appian Way, and the Roman Countryside Tour Rome Tour - Catacombs, Appian Way, and the Roman Countryside Tour
Undiscovered Rome - Tour of the Catacombs, Appian Way, and the Roman Aqueduct Undiscovered Rome - Tour of the Catacombs, Appian Way, and the Roman Aqueduct
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“Absolutely Amazing, a must in Rome!”

Undiscovered Rome - Sightseeing Tour of the Catacombs, Appian Way, and the Roman Countryside

Explore some of the rarest places to visit in Rome - the Catacombs and Roman countryside. This combination bus and walking tour takes you beyond the city walls and back in time to Ancient Rome.

This Rome sightseeing tour begins with a comfortable bus ride to the Roman countryside. Starting with the famous Catacombs of San Callisto and continuing on to Circus of Maxentius with an external visit to the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella. This beautiful day trip in Rome ends with a visit to the incredible Appian Way and Claudian Aqueduct. Truly unique destinations and a must-see on your Rome itinerary.


  1. The sightseeing tour begins with a comfortable bus ride to the Roman countryside. Here you will discover the beauty that lies outside of Rome, starting with the infamous Catacombs of San Callisto- among the largest and most important in Italy. This underground cemetery and the burial site of 500,000 Christians and dozens of martyrs and popes is divided into two areas – the crypt of St. Cecilia and the Crypt of the Popes.
  2. We continue by bus through the Roman countryside to the next destination – Circus of Maxentius. Although not as renown as Circus Maximus, this well-preserved structure can be found in the lush Caffarella Park.
  3. Next stop on this undiscovered Rome itinerary is an external visit to the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella. Located at the top of a hill along Via Appia, this monumental tomb was built to honor the Roman noblewoman during the 1st century B.C.
  4. We continue with a walk through one of the oldest and most significant streets in the world - the Appian Way. Referred to by Romans as the “Queen of Roads”, Via Appia connected Rome to Brindisi in Southern Italy, serving as the main trade route with Greece and the East. Which is why the Appian Way of 300 B.C. is considered one of the greatest engineering works of Ancient Rome civilization.
  5. The last stop on this unique Rome tour is the Claudian Aqueduct. Built in 38 A.D. and completed only 14 years later, it existed as a main water source for Rome, an engineering marvel with arches stretching nearly 70 kilometers. Now part of the Aqueduct Park, Acqua Claudia is regarded as one of the four great aqueducts of Rome.

what's included

  • Admission Fees to the Catacombs of San Callisto
  • Expert Guide
  • Bus transfer
  • Headsets available upon request

what's not included

  • Visit inside the Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella
  • Pick up and drop off

meeting point

Your meeting point is at Via Cavour building 224 near the bus stop (take Metro CAVOUR stop on Line B). Please arrive 25 minutes before the start of your tour to check-in with a member of our staff.

ending point

Same location as the meeting point- Via Cavour 224 at the bus stop.


If you or any member of your party has difficulty with mobility (uses crutches or a wheelchair, etc.), please contact us in advance. This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

Private tours are available to meet these needs, on request.

cancellation policy

For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience.
with 11 user reviews
Great Catacombs tour
We were in Rome for the first 3 days of our trip to Italy. Out of the 3 tours we did, only one was with EnjoyRome and it was the best out of all three. Marcello was an awesome guide. Very knowledgeable but also extremely friendly and nice. He answered questions about the city, it’s history of other stuff and even helped us with our italian so we didn’t sound like total tourists! Highly recommend Marcello and Enjoy Rome tours!
02/09/2019 01:29
Great tour
We wanted to see the catacombs and there is no way we would have been able to comfortably reach them without taking this tour. Worth every penny! Our guide Lara was fantastic and very knowledgeable, she could answer any question with expertise. My communication with Enjoy Rome began months before when I booked the tour and was able to get a discount applied via email with no problems. The tour began by meeting at the Via Cavour building where there was already a line up so it's hard to miss. This line included people going on several different tours, you just line up and wait for your guide to come around with a clipboard to check your name off the list and give you a headset. The tour was a bit late in leaving because we had to wait for the bus which was a large comfortable bus. We first drove out to the Catacombs of San Callisto, where we had about 20 minutes to first stop at the gift shop before going inside. Unfortunately no photography was allowed inside, so I was glad I bought a cheap but informative guidebook at the gift shop. We were led through parts of the Catacombs where our guide explained all, we also saw the original crypt of St. Cecilia with a copy of her powerful statue. After this we drove a short way to stop at the Appian Way. We walked quite a length of it, passing by interesting ruins in the distance like the Romulus mausoleum near the Circus of Maxentius and the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella. In the description it says you will have an "external visit" to this Mausoleum which I thought we could go in to view from the outside, however literally you just walk right by it on the road and never step foot inside the grounds. The walk ends on the oldest part of the road with the original cobblestones which are thousands of years old, very interesting. For the last part we drove over to the Aqueduct Park. The guide said that this park is not frequented by Romans and a lot of people don't even know it exists, which is a shame because it is fascinating. We were able to walk right up to the aqueduct and see it in all its glory, with plenty of time for photos. Someone had said in a previous review that they were disappointed at this part as they were only able to view it from across a golf course. I think they must have changed this then because we were able to walk right up to it and get a close-up view. The entire tour was never rushed and we got plenty of time to explore and take lots of pictures. I would highly recommend this tour to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and explore little-known areas in the countryside with amazing ruins and stories, areas that would be difficult to get to on your own.
23/07/2019 16:54
Surprise trip to the Aqueduct!
Our tour guide Mariah was the best ever! We wish we could have had her take us all around Rome. So knowledgeable and made each place we toured so memorable. So glad we booked this tour, will definitely recommend this tour company .
19/10/2017 05:49
Wir waren heute mit Steffi auf eine sehr guten Tour zu den Katakomben, Via Appia und dem Aquädukt. Es war eine sehr gut geführte Tour. Steffi hat es geschafft uns viele spannende Infos und Anekdoten mitzugeben. Wir haben die Tour genossen! Ein herzlicher Gruß, Wiebke Braune, Heilbronn, Deutschland
10/08/2017 21:17
Garry Hunter
Great tour, fantastico guide
Pre booked before getting to Rome. Meeting place was easy to find. Coach journey to the locations was easy. The locations were beautiful, the catacombs eerie but amazing and the countryside a refreshing change from the high rise of Rome. Our guide Francesca was brilliant, very knowledgeable and witty with it. A really nice tour...............
22/07/2017 17:51
Information und Spaß
Es war ein wirklich toller Ausflug. Haben viel neues gelernt und dabei auch noch richtig Spaß gehabt. Danke an Tourguide Marije
06/11/2016 10:21
Wir hatten eine deutschsprachige Tour, am 17.08, zu den Callixtuskatakomben, der Via Appia Antica und einem altrömischen Aquädukt. Unsere wunderbare und temperamentvolle Marij hat uns nicht nur mit viel Humor und Elan zu den verschiedenen Sehenwürdigkeiten begleitet, sondern uns damit auch den heißen Tag versüßt. Fragen kamen aufgrund der tollen Geschichten von Marij erst gar nicht auf und wir fühlten uns zu jeder Zeit sehr gut informiert. Sie hat uns mit Fragen und Anregungen immer miteinbezogen und in den 3 Stunden auch noch spielend unsere Namen gelernt. Die Katakomben waren sehr sehenswert und sind zu Fuß mit festen Schuhen gut zu bewältigen. Auch die Via Appia Antica lässt nicht zu wünschen übrig. Ein toller Abschluss ist die Fahrt zum Aqua Claudia - ein oberirdisches noch gut erhaltenes Aquädukt, das aus den Bergen nach Rom führt. Auf dem Rückweg haben wir noch wertvolle Tipps für den weiteren Aufenthalt in Rom bekommen. 3 Stunden waren schnell vorbei und wir mussten uns leider schon von Marij verabschieden. Im kleinen Bus mit insgesamt 12 Personen war es eine sehr gemütliche und kurzweilige Tour! Hoffentlich sehen wir uns bald wieder!
23/08/2015 19:31
Absolutely Amazing, a must in Rome!
We took 2 tours from Enjoy Rome. The 1st was the walking tour of the Vatican with Valentina on Sept 4th and 2nd was the walking tour of ancient Rome the following day with Rosa. They were both amazing. These are a must do while in Rome. Both tours were well organized, extremely insightful and fun. We felt we got more then just a tour but a 1st had experience with Rome. The tour guides truly made these experiences and they are very passionate and knowledgeable about the tours. The tour office was easy to find, they started the tour promptly and there were no hidden costs or surprises. Thank you for a memorable experience, they will be with us forever.
17/06/2015 00:18
Tar Heel
Enjoyed Catacombs and Roman Countryside Tour
My daughter and I took this tour and both liked it. We booked it because we wanted to get out to the catacombs and the Appian Way without having to deal with figuring out the transportation. Even though we liked this tour, I'll have to say that we took two other tours with Through Eternity and thought their guide was a bit more passionate and did a better job. Anyway, this tour takes you via bus to the catacombs on the Appian Way, where you join a guided tour given by a priest or monk (your guide for this part is affiliated with the catacombs site, not Enjoy Rome). We both thought the catacombs were interesting. Note: They tend to take somewhat large (20 people?) groups down. Try and stay in the front, or you might have trouble hearing what the guide is saying. After the catacombs, the tour continues further down the Appian Way, where you get to get out of the bus and walk a bit. At the end of the tour, they stop at a point where you can see the aqueducts. The view of the aqueducts is over a golf course. I was hoping we'd be a bit closer. The bus was comfortable with good air conditioning. However, a few times the bus driver was talking on his phone at a conversational tone while the tour guide was talking and it was a bit hard to hear her. To me, that struck me as a bit bone-headed on the bus driver's part. I'd guess we spent about 1 to 1.5 hours of the 3 hours on the bus. Even though this tour wasn't the "near-perfect" experience our Through Eternity tours were, we both thought it was a good experience and a reasonable value.
17/06/2015 00:09
Worth a morning of our time
With a short time in Rome, we had walked all over the major sights - Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatino, St Peters, Vatican, Pantheon... So we opted for an easier morning, together with a chance to see the Appian Way and the Catacombs. This isn't an in-depth look at either (it's just 3 hours) but it's a very pleasant morning. Jeanette was a personable and knowledgable guide who took the trouble to interact with a small group of about 12. A comfortable coach, an interesting morning and worth the time and the money. A bonus was the short walk down to the remnants of a Roman aqueduct. Dramatic. We enjoyed taking the trip outside the city walls
22/04/2015 10:58
Nicole Al
Catacomb tour is a must!
We had an excellent tour guide, Jeanette, who really made the trip for us. She was so knowledgable and really took the time to interact with everybody and take questions. She explained everything confidently. Seeing the catacombs was really great, and the addition of the Appian Way and Aquaduct made it great value for money.
22/04/2015 10:48
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